•The Play and Learn classes at the Everett CFCE Center offer caregivers an opportunity to enjoy enriching social activities with their children, support one another, and meet and connect with other adults on a similar parenting “path”, sharing their experiences and learning together.
Our group meets  in a warm, nurturing setting, for appropriate free play, craft making and singing/ dancing.
•All the toys and materials in the room are used to stimulate the senses engaging the children’s imagination and curiosity and exploring their natural talents. These classes will provide children with a supported transition into a social/ structured environment and are designed to nourish the young child’s blossoming curiosity and wonder.
•Enriching Our Families Experiences
•The group provides an opportunity to explore shared parenting questions and experiences. Parents find that new ideas and resources enhance their parenting and their family life. Classes nurture and support the bond between parent/ caregiver and a young child through an appropriate rhythm of gentle and nourishing activities.
•Children gain comfort and growth as they became familiar with the routine and get to know other children and adults in a supportive environment being together with their caregivers.

Play and Learn groups are safe and nurturing environments where children can play, learn and enhance health early brain development finding opportunities to create, imagine,  reason, problem solve and to build attachment with adult and other children  as they play together and share experiences and discoveries. 



The ELR program provides a stimulating environment for children 0-5yrs to play and learn while developing the physical, verbal, and social skills needed to begin school ready to succeed. In an informal setting with multiple play stations adults will learn more about how children develop and how they can encourage learning and skill building at home. This program also provides the opportunity to connect with other families from your community.